Monumental works of art and wall paintings by Bram Hermens
by the artist

Since 2005 the monumental works of art (that is: wall paintings and frescoes) were shown in various cultural organisations in North Brabant province (The Netherlands). On these works life-sized human beings are portrayed. Both the monumental works of art and the paintings and drawings have an eclecticist nature.

The series of wall drawings started in 2005 with a small scale drawing at art centre De Krabbedans in the city of Eindhoven. The subject was a modern battlefield, where an armed, mounted police force collided with antiglobalists. This theme was further explored that year, an exploration that culminated in a wall-to-wall frieze on the back wall of MU Art Centre Eindhoven.
In later years wall paintings in the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven en De Pont museum Tilburg were created.
The theme that was portrayed on the wall of one of the former wool storage rooms of museum De Pont appeared to be central for a longer period of time. This period can be characterized by an engagement with the war in Afghanistan. In order to strengthen the effect of the confrontation between the classical world of Afghanistan and the modern Western armies (portrayed in the outfit of the beginning of the twentieth century), I did not only study Press Photography, but I was also inspired by the dynamic image language of Hellenism and by visually related works from the High Renaissance and Baroque.

Animals that play an important role in the portrayal of fights, like eagles, are a returning theme as well. Through these works, which are mainly drawn with charcoal on prepared walls, I try to visualise the reality behind the reality.

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